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We use only reputable granite suppliers to ensure a high quality stone for every budget.

Granite comes from all over the world; Brazil, Italy, India, Spain and China. Please have a look at our gallery to see some samples of granite we've used in the past. 

Stop by our showroom to see the range of designs and patterns available!

Granite is 100% natural and is mined directly from the ground in quarries all over the globe. Due to it being a naturally occurring stone, no two pieces of granite are ever the exact same. It is extremely heat resistant, and has the ability to withstand much higher temperatures than quartz.

Granite does have porous qualities, which has the potential to stain from oils, wine and liquids with high acidity. However,

if you do not leave liquids sitting for extended periods of time; granite is long-lasting and will continue to look incredible for years. We use a protective sealer on the counter at the time of installation to prevent it from absorbing liquids, and do recommend resealing your counter yearly. 

Whether you decide to go with the natural unique designs of granite or with quartz' ease of customizability; Georgian Granite Works will provide you with exceptional quality counters you're going to love! 

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