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Most quartz is made up of 95% natural ground quartz and 5% resin. It has become extremely popular due to it's appearance and the ability to choose from an almost endless array of colours and designs. 


Quartz is exceptionally durable. It is harder than granite and one of the top 5 hardest minerals in the world. It is not porous and therefore doesn't need to be resealed like granite and can be kept virtually bacteria free with soap and water. 


Quartz does not have the same heat resistance as granite. It can be damaged by cooking pans and hot surfaces, we recommend always using heat resistant pads. 



Whether you decide to go with the natural unique designs of granite or with quartz' ease of customizability; Georgian Granite Works will provide you with exceptional quality counters you're going to love! 

  • Durable

  • Scratch resistant

  • Non-porous

  • Stain resistant 

  • Easy to maintain

Drop by our showroom to see a full range of patterns available from our top manufacturing partners.

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